Monday, September 15, 2008

Food Service Thoughts

Like many young adults, I cannot see to get out of these minimum wage food service jobs. I work at a deli and serves sandwiches and stuff during the day then at night I work at a popular fast food place. Food service is something you know is always going to be there because the need to eat will never cease.

One thing that I have learned is that when you work in food service and are in uniform, you are invisible, People look right through you like you are not a person with a soul and a heart and a story. When a customer comes up to the counter to place an order and I speak to them, sometimes they don't even acknowledge my existence. They'll stare dumbly at the menu above/behind me, mouths open, mind turning, thinking to themselves "What do I want to stuff my face with?" What I love is when I ask someone how there day is and they jump right to their order, ignoring my question completely. On the other end of the spectrum, I am no worse. Sometimes when I am talking to a guest, asking questions and menu items are counting the handful of change they have handed me, I'm really thinking about my plans for after work, how I can't wait to take a shower and how I'd love to hear his voice.

Yesterday I work an eight hour shift, on lobby, I took 150-175 orders and talked to many more people. I asked at least half f them how their day was. Three people all days asked me about mine. Another thing is, when I'm wearing a gay fast food uniform with a name tag and a hat, it makes it impossible to flirt. The place I work at is really close to a few universities and these college guys come in there in their tank tops and muscles busting out and I just wish that they could see me in normal clothes and give me the chance to rock their world. Lol. Its torture.

Another thought: at a store of the same fast food company that I used to work at, there was two trash cans right next to each other by the door. The one on the right was always full while the left was barely used. At the store I work at now, its the same setup, except the trashcans are opposite the door. In this case, the one of the left is used far more. What it is that causes this irregularity and why is it consistent with many, many random customers? And am I the only one that notices?

If anyone reads this who works in food service, share your thoughts...


Charmalot said...

Reading your journal, I must say you are wise beyond your years... 19 was a difficult time for me, but your compassion and heart will take you far. Keep your dream in sight at all times, and go for what you want. I understand your discontent with your workplace. Maybe you can work your way up to manager? I had to work low jobs to put myself through college. It helped to remember the work was simply a means to an end. Keep your chin up, girly. And keep writing, you have important things to say.

sunnymn said...

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